All the information you could want on surfing in New Caledonia, the surfing regions and their surf spots, is right here. Since the Surfing WCT has NEVER organized an event in New Caledonia our little corner of paradise remains virtually unknown among surfing circles despite having some of the most exciting breaks in the South Pacific.

No doubt if you’re reading this page it means you’ve heard about New Caledonia some way or another, and there’s a lot of bad information, contradictory comments and bogus maps on the net. Here you will find trustworthy information to help you decide what’s best for you: Nekweta Surf Camp, hotel in Noumea, a Catamaran or a MIX (the best option by far!!). However we do have to leave out some precious information to protect our breaks. Our breaks are world class and uncrowded.The SURF-TRIP.NC network covers more than 20 surf breaks and 300 kms of the south west barrier reef. We have local surf guides who take you to the best breaks at the right time. Whether you are looking for a short sharp Teahupoo style rush or a 300 metre long multi section skate park style ride we have the spot for you. Lefts are most consistent here, but we do have some primo rights in our sleeves…

Our surf operations are run by locals, the number of surfers are controlled as we use the network to spread surfers along the coast, for our guests and the locals’ benefit. The atmosphere in the water is warm. Only one rule to remember: smile and say hello or ‘bonjour’ if you can, it’s a local tradition, and it is true wherever you go on the island, whatever you’re doing. At most locations there is a selection of several known breaks at least one of which will capture the swell and churn out factory consistency no matter what the direction. As with most Pacific islands we have our best surfing months during winter from May to September but surfing goes on year round, and cyclones have been known to whip up bonus monster sets during the summer as well so join us on Facebook to follow the swell alerts. surfxx001New Caledonia is only a 3 hour flight from Australia and New Zealand, which makes it a great last minute surf destination. In a nutshell: we offer exclusive access to surf spots, local guidance, comfort, and good service, at a fair price.

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