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Secrets (left):
up to 100 m, for experienced surfers: fast, shallow, steep take offs and deep barrels. Nicknamed Little ‘Chopes by Adriano de Souza and Jeremy Flores. Radical wave from 2 to 10 feet.
Guaro (right) (pronounce GWA ROW): up to 100m. For all surfers: fun wave with a fair bit of water under your feet, good for carves; over 6 feet it becomes seriously powerful on the inside section and offers barrel action for serious punters.
Green Island left: a secondary break that works on specific conditions. For intermediate to experienced surfers: short and fast, barreling wave, shallow waters at the end. Good from 3 to 6 feet.
Nera rivermouth (left):
up to 200m. For beginners and longboarders, scarcely good for shortboarders: the wave starts from the rivermouth and dumps on the beach, generally too flat for shortboarders who surf the peaks/shorebreak. Needs big swells.


New Caledonia is surrounded by a 1700 km barrier reef, which counts 200 passes with surfing potential. The most consistent region is the south west barrier reef, as it offers the best swell and wind conditions.

3 types of surf breaks on the west coast:
* reef passes: with generally long lefts and rights
* reef bends: with generally short sucky lefts inner lagoon spots. Good option for big swells.
* Only 1 beach break: Bourail Roche Percée beach.

SWELL: the breaks on the west coast of New Caledonia need either Southwest, South or Southeast swells. The swell is consistent here, generally all lows between Tasmania, Sydney and New Zealand send us clean ground swell.

WIND: New Caledonia is influenced by southeast trade winds, mostly from Novembre to March. Most lefts can hold up to 15 knots: trades are offshore or cross shore on most of them. On the other hand the trades blow out the rights which really need glassy conditions. In winter the winds come down the mountains and blow east or northeast, which is good for some lefts and a few rights. Onshore winds from the west are rare but announce stormy weather. Water temperatures vary from 29°C in the height of summer to 20°C in winter (June-July-August).

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