Shortboards: Take your regular short board along with a spare board, ideally a shape for down the line surfing and barrels (round and rounded square tails are the go here). An Indo style gun comes in handy when the surf is over 6 feet, although you can surf big with small boards. Problem is: if you want the big barrels on the take off you need an Indo gun. Shortboarders favourite rides: Secrets, ONE-O left and right, Little U, False Pass, Dumbea Left (and right sometimes), Light House right, Corvette, Skateparks and more in the southern lagoon.

Longboards: not all the waves out here are suited for longboards, especially not the short suck out lefts like Secrets, Little U or False pass, except on mellow days. The good waves for the 9 footers are: Guaro, Nera Rivermouth, One-O left (not always), St Vincents left, Dumbea right.

Equipment: Boardshorts and rashies from Octobre to April, year round for some… Bring a springsuit if your coming between May and Septembre, good for early morning surfs, if you want to surf 6 hours straight, and helps cushion hard landings.
Booties: although they cramp your style, they are a great thing to have when surfing at low tide and when your leash breaks and you have to go get your board on dry reef.
Helmet: most people don’t like the helmet, but if you like to charge there are some barrels on pretty shallow reef where most people wouldn’t call you a pussy for wearing one, especially if they are surfing off the shoulder…
Clothes: To go out on the boat take a spray jacket and a dry bag, always handy to keep a dry towel and spare clothes. By the way the camps do supply towels, but a spare beach towel comes in handy. Always good to have long pants, a nice shirt and a pair of decent shoes to hit the town. From May to Septembre take a springjacket, some comfortable sweat pants and shoes.
Sunscreen: 50 + and Zinc is what you need here. Lip balms are essential too. After sun is always necessary.

Mosquito repellent: New Caledonia is a tropical island, its warm and humid climate added to mangroves on the coastline produces mosquitoes. Bring long sleeve shirts and long pants if you want to minimize your use of mosquito repellent. Don’t worry though, no malaria here.